We are very pleased with our beautiful rear yard landscaping! Sarah was great at talking with us to work through drainage concerns, she had an immediate vision, and she designed great space that we are really enjoying. We were hesitant to remove the grass, but it had never thrived, and it is a much more lush and green space to enjoy with the wandering paths throughout. The plants chosen are beautiful and should thrive well in our climate. We’ve been able to test the drainage due to many rainstorms and it is so  much better. Any small issues were rectified very quickly. We can highly recommend Woodlands Landscaping for quality work, friendly and attentive staff, and attention to detail.


Robert and Jane Steneker

July 2018


I searched, interviewed, contracted design plans from more than a half dozen landscapers. Many didn’t listen, others over designed, some wanted extreme and outrageous prices, others were pompous. One we had used took shortcuts and did not do the work properly ending up with drainage issues, one dead tree, and poor plant health that I have now spent years working on the soil and still do!  The quality of the dirt and drainage especially in the greater Houston Area is super important! When I came across Woodlands Landscaping, liking the profuse design portfolio, I decided to take another shot and now can hardly be more pleased! They are easy to work with and the quality of the outcome was more than we expected. They understand proper drainage, know their plants well, and use quality soil and amendments. We feel like we have our own mini estate! It’s a joy walking the area they designed. We will be using Woodlands Landscaping for our next and future projects.  Thank you!


Lisa Latour

May 2018

Sara, we are so pleased at how our front and back yard turned out. It was beyond our expectations! The front yard went through a lot of changes and it surprised me at how well it turned out!When you wanted to take out all of the plantings in the front bed I was a little nervous. However it was the right call. After all of these years the bushes were blocking the view of our front door,  now you can see it. All of our neighbors love it as well.The back yard new patio is so nice we now have a new reason to be outside in the back yard. We love all of the new plantings and the flower beds.

The new landscaping makes our house look younger! We love it!

Thank you to you and all of your crew who worked tirelessly on our yard!

Thank you

Dan and Marsha Vanlandingham

December 2017

Creekwoood Village is extremely happy with the drainage system that was installed by Woodlands Landscaping, LLC.   During Hurricane Harvey several units would have flooded had it not been for the expert installation of this drainage system.  These units that were spared during the flooding have had water in them several times during a regular rain event so to staydryduring the most rain producing storm this country has ever experienced.  Thanks for saving these homes!


Sarah Eldridge

September 2017




I love my yard! I hadn't told you how much we love it, but we do! Your crew was wonderful.  They are all such nice pleasant men, and such hard workers.  I think the thing I liked best was not knowing what you were going to do next. Every morning was like Christmas morning.  I had a new "toy" to watch each day as the work unfolded before my eyes.  I appreciate you and the all guys so much. I had complete faith in you,  and you more than delivered!  You gave me a magical yard that lifts my spirits every time I am out there. I am just drawn into it several times a day.

Thank you again.  

Sandy Palmore

May 2017

Hi Sara,

Thank you for the great work on my back yard!  I love the patio overlay, and with the addition of the trees, shrubs, and Star Jasmine, I am truly enjoying this outdoor space for the first time.  Additionally, the riverstone gravel on the side of the house looks great, and the drainage system enhancements have really helped the back yard flourish. 

For anyone looking for landscape services, I highly recommend Sara and her team at Woodlands Landscaping.  Sara helped transform my front yard landscape about two years ago, and when I was ready to update my back yard, I did not hesitate to call Sara.  I had a seldom-used covered patio and I didn't really have any landscaping in my back yard.  I met with Sara, and she offered several design options to update the space and to provide for a little more privacy and screening, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.


Thanks again!

Jon Hagen

December 2016  

I cannot say enough good things about Sara Manore and Woodlands Landscaping. They installed a sprinkler system for my front yard. The real gem is the work they did in my backyard. They transformed my mud pit into a semi-tropical Zen garden retreat that uses very little water, easy to maintain, and is sustainable. Sara has an amazing design aesthetic. It's hard to believe she conceived the whole concept after just one visit to my house. Her office staff are professional, helpful, and communicative. I had such a hard time getting other landscaping companies to just return my phone calls. I never had trouble with the Woodlands Landscaping office staff either via email or phone. They were always updating me about the progress and answered all of my questions. Finally, the landscaping crews were phenomenal. Everyone was professional and courteous. I can tell they take pride in doing a good job. Because of everyone's hard work and talent, I have this amazing outdoor retreat. I recommend Woodlands Landscaping without reservation.



Lisa Lun

March 2016

Hi Sara,

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and your team for the great work on my yard! I am extremely pleased with everything, and I can't wait to see how your design matures over time.

From the initial consultation, I trusted your expertise and I truly enjoyed working with you throughout the entire process. The newly designed flower beds and plants look great, and the rock work is stunning. Several of my neighbors have stopped by to comment on how great the landscape looks.

I would highly recommend Woodlands Landscaping to my family and friends, and anyone looking for an exceptional landscape company that provides quality workmanship and excellent customer service. You and your entire team are the best!

Once again, thank you for your expertise and professionalism. I know that I will enjoy my new yard for years to come!


Jon Hagen
October 2014

For those seeking reviews on Woodlands Landscaping:

As extremely satisfied customers, we are happy to recommend Woodlands Landscaping and Pegasus Irrigation Systems.

Under the management of Sara Manore, she and her team took a bare strip of land in our back yard and created a beautiful flagstone walkway with mossrock stone beds planted with foliage that would thrive in a very shady area. Her stone workers were master craftsmen and went to amazing measures to see that the beds and flagstone were perfect. The Job was timely, intricate details were addressed, and the fulfilled contract was beyond our expectations. We also appreciated the high grade materials (soil, fertilizer, mulch) used so our new plants can reach their potential.

I would highly recommend Sara and her team at Woodlands Landscaping and Pegasus Irrigation Systems. If creativity, workmanship, and quality are your objectives then this company is your BEST BET!

John and Sally Riddle
August 2014

Hello Sara,

I love my front yard. The result of your plan is beautiful, the work was done in a timely manner, and the crew, in addition to being professional, was a joy.

Though I asked for the existing beds and rock paths and drip lines in my front yard to be cleaned and refreshed, I had no idea what a difference Woodlands Landscaping's work would make. In addition to my neighbors, everyone who visits comments on how lovely and peaceful the yard looks. But it's more than beautiful, as you incorporated edible plants as I requested. I'm so pleased with this as two other landscape companies said edible plants wouldn't work in my mostly shaded yard.

Once your office called me to schedule, the work began right away and continued uninterrupted until finished. I believe the crew finished in a few days. I can't say for sure, because they worked so quickly. I barely had time to snap a few "work in progress" pictures.

I can't say enough about your crew. Most of the time they worked, I was also at work but when I was home, I could hear the men laughing and singing. This brings such joy to my heart to know that my yard was tended not just with capable hands but also with love, joy, and light spirits.

One evening when I returned from work, I dropped and broke a glass pitcher. This had nothing to do with your crew but one of the gentlemen quickly moved to pick up the pieces and when I turned to get a broom, he reassured me that he had one in the truck. Not one piece of glass was left on my driveway.

I realize as I come to the end of the letter that I have not mentioned how wonderful it was to discuss this plan with you. Your knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to using the best materials sold your company to me. Seeing the instructions that I gave in our initial visit come to life is so wonderful. I look forward to calling you again for my back yard. In the mean time I will recommend you and your company to anyone.

Thank you,
Diana Bourdier
July 2014

Dear Sara,

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the new landscape your company installed at The Water Resources Building here in The Woodlands. The native plants (irrigated with the drip irrigation you put in) are flourishing, as is the demonstration lawn you installed. We plan for these areas to be a showcase for low water use plants, and properly irrigated lawns.

We are extremely happy with the work, and have received many compliments from our MUD board members and our board of trustees. Your staff was meticulous, friendly and extraordinarily helpful. We do plan to use your company again for additional work as it arises.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

Bob Dailey
Water Awareness/Public Education Coordinator
The Woodlands Join Powers Agency
June 2014

Dear Sara: I have been meaning to take the time to say thank you for your hard work and great design for my front flowerbed! I was totally impressed with your services and will want to continue doing business with you. My favorite part which I LOVED was the adorable Sweet Almond Verbena tree you planted, it really made me smile. I can't wait for it to get bigger and bloom the honey almond scented flowers it will produce that will also attract bumble bees and butterflies. Out of all the lawn service businesses you are by far THE BEST. I truly appreciate the time you took to listening to what I wanted and making it happen!!!

Your awesome Sara and everyone else in the office.

One happy customer, 
Michelle Sheridan
April 2014

Last summer, we re-landscaped our entire yard. This included redesigning the beds, irrigation system, correcting drainage problems and substantial rock work in the back yard (retaining walls and pathways). Sara was very knowledgable in helping me choose plants based on what my general preferences were. The rock work in the back yard looks great--I had never enjoyed spending time in the back yard before, and now it looks very inviting.

I chose Woodlands Landscaping because after meeting with Sara, I felt that I could trust her and had faith that she would treat my yard as if it were hers. She also gave me great recommendations for a company that does landscape lighting as well as an organic lawn care company. I felt that her recommendations were based on what she believed in and trusted, and would use herself, and as a result didn't feel the need to pursue further bids.

We are looking forward to seeing the yard evolve as the plants mature so that we can see what Sara envisioned for the yard!

Thank you!
February 26, 2014

Hi, Sara, wanted you to know how very fine all the rock work, trimming, mulch and so forth turned out. As always, so very pleased with the superior workmanship of your fine crews. Hoping you may still have on file our letter of recommendation sent last year following yet another wonderful landscaping and all by your amazing team. Would honestly be repeating the very same words of high praise for all your company does in oh so many, many, many ways – over and over and over. It means so much having an ongoing close relationship with you, knowing full well how trustworthy, creative and responsive with amazing quality work Woodlands Landscaping is and has been all through the years. This does not even cover how meticulous the group is while regularly here maintaining the beauty created by your excellence.

Wishing you all the best,

Joan Jones
January 2014

About a year ago I began my online search to figure out a reliable local company for my yard needs. I'm a novice when it comes to landscaping etc, so I wanted a reputable company and not some fly by night outfit.
My yard needs were as follows:

  1. Drainage and standing water issues.
  2. Irrigation adjustment
  3. Replace sod and replenish dead grass drought of 2011
  4. Beautify my existing landscaping, which was on the horing side. This was to include my pool area.

So I came across Woodlands Landscaping and read great reviews. Looked at other companies which were not as impressive. 
Called WL, and set up a consult with Sara Manore. She met us at our house on time, we walked around and talked about what we wanted. We were vague because we weren't really sure what was possible. 
She understood our needs and came up with an estimate, which gave us detailed breakdown of all work to be done, down to how many plants in each flower bed! She and her staff answered all our questions as they came up. 
The work started a month later and took some time. Pretty much our entire yard was redone, for a 11K sq ft lot size. By no means did it take too long, there were just many things to do. The crew was courteous and knowledgeable and on time. Hardworking crew! 
First thing done was the drainage which needed a few revisions. One of the best reasons for choosing WL is that they guarantee their work for 6 months. My yard did require some drainage adjustments, which are no small deal. But these adjustments were done at no additional charge within the warranty window. The drainage was mostly solved on the first go round, but I have a difficult yard and ended up with some problem areas with standing water. These were all fixed, well after the initial work was completed. The drainage is now 100% better.

Sprinkler adjustment was undertaken and works great now.

The sod was next and looks great. Any failures have been replaced by the crew.

The landscaping was last. One word: AMAZING! It's hard to believe that Sara can come up with such an aesthetically pleasing work of outdoor art after receiving only vague ideas from us.

I also decided to use WL as my yard maintenance and irrigation providers. Very happy with the service. They know my yard since they recreated it and take great care of it.

Overall, I highly recommend Woodlands Landscaping and Pegasus Irrigation Systems.

Thank you Sara,
Oscar Longoria
January 30, 2013

We would like to express our satisfaction with the result of our collaboration on the entrance to The Woodlands High School. When we contact you in July, 2007, our desire was to give the building a more welcoming appearance. The result was exactly what we had anticipated.
The Woodlands High School then underwent a facelift in the summer of 2011. Due to the construction and traffic equipment, we were left with a very different landscape. Woodlands Landscaping returned and once again the entrance to our campus reflected our commitment to excellence.
As a result, we have had nothing but positive reaction from visitors, parents and students to the landscaping that has been installed. It was a pleasure to work with everyone involved in making this a reality. The entrance to The Woodlands High School campus is greatly improved and we would be happy to recommend your company to other schools or businesses in the area.
The you for the professional and expedite manner in which this job was completed.
Gregg Colschen
Principal - The Woodlands High School
October 1, 2012

My husband and I just wanted to thank you again for the superb Pavestone patio you and your most gracious staff installed in our backyard. Living in Oak Forest, which is an older neighborhood in Houston, presented some challenges due to subsidence and age. Your crew leveled the backyard and carefully placed the Pavestones so that the pattern is almost artwork, in itself. And, since it was an area over 1000 square feet we were concerned about future flooding problems for ourselves and our neighbors. So far, we have enjoyed every minute we can spend outdoors. It’s as though you have created a breathtaking plaza where once there was dirt and weeds.
Our neighbors are amazed and even the “walk by” traffic takes second glances in the evenings as they are out strolling. The mosquito problems we had in the past seem to have lightened up since all the vegetation was removed. There are no puddles or standing water pools after the heavy rains we have had in the last several weeks and the colors are gorgeous when they are wet. If we had known then what we know now, we would have hired you and your crew much sooner. There wasn’t even any debris for us to clean up after almost 5 days of work on the project!!! We couldn’t be more happy or pleased with the outcome and we see many years of quality outdoor activities in our future. Thanks again, Sara. Keep up your amazing work and we will recommend you to any and all of our neighbors. 
Sandra M. Rich
August 25, 2012

I would like to say thank you to the entire team there for standing by their workmanship and returning to help me with a problem area that continued after all of the work was done. When I was getting quotes for our french drains and leveling/sod to be done it was THAT which sold me. When I asked Sara, "Do you guarantee your work?", I expected the typical, "Of course! We will get it right, no problem!", but she was honest and told me that they could not simulate actual rain fall, and they would return as needed for up to six months to tweak it to get it right. She said she was 90% certain they would get it the first time though. I liked that, anyone who said 100% was not truthful in my opinion, for the very reason she stated. Unfortunately for me, it seemed to STOP raining once the drain work was complete with the exception of the first week. That was not a good gauge because the sod was new, so it wouldn't flow like a normal yard until it settled and grew together. Well, after a few weeks it was obvious we had a slight problem in one area even with just watering. After sending her some photos and discussing it, someone came out to fix the area, and it is as good as gold now. All of the drainage was installed perfectly (I have friends whose drains have actually been installed with the angle going uphill trying to drain!) ended up just being an area of ground that settled differently and held water just shy of making it to the drain. It drains amazingly (since the repair to the leveling/sod we have had THREE storms, one that dumped two inches of rain in under thirty minutes), and we can enjoy our yard within just an hour or two of a downpour! Prior to their work, we would literally retain water in more than half of our yard for up to FIVE DAYS! It was seriously a A SWAMP. I had to wear rain boots to walk out back! We hadn't realized we had purchased "Waterfront Property" and Sara, Solomon, and crew really came to our rescue. They were honest when they did the estimate, and very thorough. Solomon actually came by and dug around and located existing drains to show us what had been done previously, and what they would do to fix it. The crew was hardworking, fast, and courteous. I would be happy to have someone come by and see our yard after a huge rain to prove it, feel free to contact us if ever needed. Now, if you have a fix for dogs who dig holes.... 
Thank you again, Sara and team, for standing by your work and giving us a good back yard!! 
Debi and Eddie Hernandez
June 25, 2012

Dear Sara: We wanted to pass on to you and the entire Woodlands Landscaping team our appreciation for your services and the professional manner in which you conduct business. We enjoyed personally working with you during the design phase of our project. The installation was done just as we had planned it, and on a timely basis. Lastly, we have come to greatly enjoy our ongoing maintenance service. The crew is always the same, they do a great job and we have come to know them well. 
It is a pleasure doing business with you, 
Larry Burch
May 12, 2012

Sara, we are immensely proud of and thrilled with the gorgeous landscaping for our front and back yards achieved by Woodlands Landscaping through your creative ideas and careful craftsmanship. Your company has accomplished much more than we had even envisioned, adding such joy daily to see. The combination of your researched suggestions and guidance toward accomplishing this fresh great look for our home, emphasizing the garden path and river rock swales, with beautiful plant choices truly has added a lovely lasting expression of natural beauty. Your incorporating both our preferences along with using certain existing plants when adding the new ones made certain a uniquely personal effect resulted quite attractively. The outstanding choice of edging rock for the front yard has given that area a more handsome appearance which delights us every time we arrive home. The mulch selected by Woodlands Landscaping is the best by far. It nurtures so well and lasts far longer in our experience as well. The application of this excellent mulch by your top notch crew of technicians was neatly done with careful thoroughness adding a fine finishing touch. In addition, all was left immaculately tidy afterwards by your diligent staff upon finishing their work. Plus the printed helpful instructions for a watering schedule to assure all will be properly established for growth in our garden was most appreciated. The red bud and Mexican plum trees at the front of our house are doing well thanks to the exceptional quality of preparation both for planting and growing with supportive staking. Thank you so much for this loveliness. 
Joan P. Jones
March 9, 2012

Dear Sara: When we decided to redo our atrium area at our home, and your company was caring for our lawn with your maintenance service program, we contacted you to see what your thoughts were. The project was to remove the existing 500 square feet of wood decking, to install underground pvc piping to correct poor drainage, and then to install approximately 1,000 square feet of PaveStone in the atrium area. We decided to move forward with you and that was the perfect decision. Your crew knew what they were doing. You met every expectation we had for this project and even more. When you finished doing the job you left the entire area much better than when you started. You paid attention to detail. We should rent out the area for weddings. We are getting WOW's galore! Thank you very much. 
David & Judy Glover
January 6, 2012

We are extremely happy with the landscaping that Woodlands Landscaping provided for us. The yard looks great now. 
Chris Fuentes
August 22, 2011

We have been extremely pleased with the services of Woodlands Landscaping. Sara has been terrific to work with and the care and attention that is given our yard exceeds our highest expectations. We have already referred Sara to one customer (Kathy Dockery and Peter Perretti) and I understand they are very pleased with Sara as well. 
Mike Maher
August 22, 2011

We are more than happy with our backyard make over, as well as the clean up of the front yard. Our backyard didn't seem to be able to grow grass or anything, now we have our green oasis! The plantings are doing well and we now have grass where there had been none. We have even noticed that the birds and squirrels seem to love the make over also, which is delightful except we are going through more than a bag of bird seed a week. We would have no reservations in recommending your company to anyone. 
John and Barbara Bergman
July 21,2011

To Sara and Staff: I personally want to thank you and your employees for "top-notch" service. If a problem came up, no matter what the situation, someone always acknowledged the problem and it was resolved to my satisfaction. This almost unknown in our present day world. 
When neighbors came by to view the new landscaping, their comments were "Woodlands Landscaping is well known for fixing any problem that may arise, so no need to worry"...and they were right. 
I suggested certain plants be installed and Sara did her best to put these in her overall plan. 
My son's family and I would not hesitate to recommend Woodlands Landscaping for any of your future plans in landscaping and follow up procedures. 
Janell G. Schmitt
July 22, 2011

Hi Sara: Sorry it has taken us so long to get this out to you. Mary Jo and I just want you to know how happy we are with the work you and your crew did in our backyard. As we told you this is a redo of some pretty poor work done (or not done) by some of your fellow landscapers. The care you give to placing the irrigation, the quality of mulch, the type and location of the beds and plants was simply unmatched by others.
We were surprised and pleased at how much personal interest you take in selection and placement of each plant. It is unusual to see workers so devoted to their boss and that feeling reciprocated. Good work gal! We'll be seeing you next spring when we need another face-lift in the front yard.
Best wishes,
Mary Jo and Andy Jurasin
December 13, 2010

Hi Sara: I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you and your team for the wonderful job you did on our front yard. It’s hard to envision what the end result will be when looking at the plans. The project was more than expected, and the attention to detail that was taken by everyone was amazing. It really showed that you and your team take a lot of pride in their work, and strive to make customer satisfaction number one. We’ve received a lot of compliments on our yard and would highly recommend your company. We are looking forward to having you back in the future to address other areas of our yard.
Thanks again for everything,
Andrew and Colleen Goldner
August 30, 2010

Sara: I was home this past weekend and I wanted to write to tell you how much I liked the work that you and your crew did for us. Working outside the country can be difficult when there is a need to get special work done at the house. It falls on Penni’s shoulders to get the work researched, quoted and contracted. I appreciate your personal involvement in that part of the process. You are very knowledgeable about our local area and the problems we might encounter and you did an excellent job of communicating with us by phone, by email, and in person. 
Penni raved about your workers and the work that they did for us. She was impressed by their professionalism and their attention to detail. She was thankful that they ended every day by cleaning up and she commented that they transformed the back yard from being a problem area for us to a place that we can now enjoy. I do not yet have confirmation that the riverbed actually works the way we expect it to but I must say that it looks fantastic. Penni said that it rained some yesterday and that there was zero water sitting in the yard.  Thank you for all of your hard work. Please convey our thanks to your crews. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future. 
Michael Hall
August 18, 2010

Dear Sara: It is a pleasure to write to you and tell you how much we are enjoying our new landscape! It is just beautiful! I knew that the changes would make a difference – I just did not dream that I would think that I am in a new home! Even our 25 year old nephew could not believe how different our yard looks! 
First of all, I want to thank you for your patience with me – it took me a little time to make a final decision about the scope of the project but you never pushed me about anything. Once we made our decision to move forward, it was just so much fun to watch everything evolve! Your crew is absolutely the best – not only are they very professional but they are artists! I will never figure out how they made hard, thick stone fit into curves!!! The total project – including the irrigation system and landscaping – took over two weeks but the men were always friendly and their work was impeccable! 
You are truly an artist, too! I could not imagine how we were going to use all of the plants but you came out no less than 4-5 times to place plants, check on plantings, check the irrigation system, etc. We never worried that anything! The quality of the plants and the soil mixture is such that I have not lost anything – not even plants that were transplanted! After you finished, I planted my herbs and they are growing like weeds – and it is hot out there now! As you know, your Dad installed our original irrigation system years ago and we have never used another company for any of our irrigation/landscaping needs. We have referred several friends to you and will continue to do so. You are honest, your prices are fair, your work is outstanding, and you are responsive to any maintenance needs. And I always enjoyed visiting with you! 
Please feel free to refer anyone to us who wants references from you and you may always send them over to look at this gorgeous yard. I told my friend that, if I were a little girl, I would think that my back yard has secret gardens! This is the yard that I always wanted. 
Laurie and Bill Glaze
May 24, 2010

Dear Sara: Your crew installed a residential irrigation system for me in August 2009. I would like to commend them for their excellent work. During construction there were trenches and dirt piles everywhere…I wondered what my yard would look like when they were done. I was pleasantly surprised that the trenches had been re-filled, debris removed and the yard restored to its pre-construction condition, other than for the missing grass where the trenches had been. The crew obviously knew what they were doing, worked diligently, tested the system and cleaned-up the work site. 
In the recent January freeze conditions the irrigation system suffered some ice formation that resulted in damage to the backflow preventer since I hadn’t properly closed the valve to the irrigation system. I was pleased that your staff was able to repair the damage quickly when the required parts were obtained. In addition they tested the system to assure no additional damage had occurred and that it had been restored to full functionality. It’s good to know that your firm can be counted on for on-going support of the systems it has installed. 
R.F. Chandler
March 23, 2010

Dear Sara: Just a note to thank you and your crew for a job well done. The rock beds are very well constructed and exceeded our expectations in both appearance and long lasting construction. The landscape bed design blended very well with what we already had in place. Your crew did an excellent job of pruning our winter damaged plants and shrubs and in cleaning our beds. Everything looked great. 
We were very impressed with the crew’s hard work and the thorough job they did. Sara frequently visited our yard during the several days of work and made adjustments as necessary. Everything was left as clean as when they arrived. Great care was taken to not cause any damage to our yard or the neighbor’s yard. 
We would highly recommend Woodlands Landscaping to anyone having landscaping work done. 
Sincerely yours,
Ronald Smelley
Spring, TX
March 1, 2010

Dear Sara: I just wanted to write and say thank you for the past 5 years of exceptional service for both my lawn care and sprinkler systems. In the past 13 years in The Woodlands, we have had several lawn care services but none have been as competent and reliable as Woodlands Landscaping and Pegasus Irrigation Systems. 
Sara, you have been a master at looking at the big picture-my yard-and making suggestions for short term projects without overwhelming me into thinking I had to tackle my entire yard all at once. Over the past 5 years we have made many improvements and, if we didn’t have to move away, I know we would do more. 
As I leave my yard, I’ll remember what a beautiful oasis you helped to create. I have always gotten compliments on how wonderful my yard looks and I have often recommended your company to friends. 
The yard crew has always been professional, cleaning up all debris, and conscientious about keeping all gates closed for my dogs. Anytime I’ve had sprinkler problems I could rely on them being looked at within a few days. 
I would highly recommend your company to anyone wishing to have a beautiful yard and an easy group to work with. I will miss you but know your company will continue to grow and be successful with such great leadership. 
Thanks again for everything. 
Lisa Carrig
The Woodlands, TX
October 27, 2009

Dear Sara: Tom and I would like to thank you and your crews for all of the outstanding work you did in both our front and back yard. The stonework in the front yard turned out better than you described, and we have received many positive compliments from both our neighbors and strangers who have watched the ongoing construction. The new flower beds are terrific, and the riverbed that was constructed to help with drainage not only works as planned but really adds to the flow of the yard. 
The work in the back yard, while lesser in scope, is also great, and will help to clear up some drainage issues we had behind the pool. 
I do want to specifically compliment the work on the irrigation system. The work that the Pegasus crew did will help to ensure that our new planting stays well irrigated. Sara, it was great to work with you again, and we will be sure to call you should we have any additional needs. 
Lori von Heyking & Tom Head
The Woodlands, TX
October 11, 2009

Dear Sara: In August 2009 we had you do the irrigation system for front, back and side yard and all of the trees, shrubs and flowers. 
Your entire crew answered all of our questions throughout the entire process and was willing to make changes to ensure satisfaction. 
Then your foreman came back to make changes and gave us a drawing where all zones and heads were located to make it easy on us. 
Everything gets water now! 
We would recommend Woodlands Landscaping and Pegasus Irrigation Systems for any yard work that you may be considering. 
Bob & Evelyn Bybee
September 24, 2009

Dear Sara: We would like to thank you for taking care of our lawn, garden, and sprinkler system. The crew that takes care of our yard has been excellent. They know the yard and what it needs, and will go the extra mile to make the yard look its best. The sprinkler system man, Luis is also very good. He knows everything about the system, and solves problems quickly and efficiently. Everything in the yard looks much better since the system was re-designed. 
We always appreciate your suggestions for flowers, bushes, and trees that we have added to the yard. The stone work on the borders and path are extremely well done and beautiful. We will recommend your company to anyone who asks. 
Leena & Sudarshan Singh
The Woodlands, TX
May 28, 2009

To Whom It May Concern: I would like to recommend Woodlands Landscaping and Pegasus Irrigation Systems for any yard work that you may be considering. We recently has our front yard completely redesigned and have been thrilled with results. 
Sara and her entire staff were a pleasure to work with. They answered all of our questions throughout the entire process, and were willing to make changes at any time to insure our satisfaction. In addition, Woodlands Landscaping was able to fix some drainage issues we had so that water does not build up any longer. We have had numerous compliments on our yard since it has been redone. I have already passed on the phone number for Woodlands Landscaping to one of my neighbors, and would recommend them to anyone thinking of having landscaping work done. 
Kelly Becker
The Woodlands, TX
May 20, 2009

Dear Sara: We wanted to drop a word of appreciation to you and your team for the excellent work you performed for us. The design and the execution were just as we had discussed. Throughout the project, we appreciated your personal involvement and oversight. Everyone at Woodlands Landscaping was a pleasure to work with. The rock work is fantastic, and the variety and health of the plants was terrific. It is obvious that you put a lot of time and planning in your design of our yard. You have met and far exceeded our expectations. 
We have received many compliments from the neighbors, and have really enjoyed being outdoors and living with your handiwork. We would highly recommend your business. Please feel free to have any future clients contact us if they have any questions.
Larry & Pat Burch
The Woodlands, TX
February 18, 2009

Ms. Manore: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your associates at Woodlands Landscaping for the work that they have performed on my various projects. I have hired your company as part of my company’s effort toward rebuilding and remodeling three different properties in The Woodlands. All told, the properties consisted of over 2 ½ acres. The demolition, drainage, landscape and sprinkler work involved was comprehensive. 
The landscape plan that you developed for each was creative and unique. The materials used (soil, fertilizer, plants, etc.) were of far better quality and measure than what I am accustomed to seeing others in your industry use. The landscape beds were built correctly as a firm foundation for the current, and any future, plantings. The sprinklers were also of top quality and were properly zoned by lawn versus beds and then shade versus sun. It is nice to see things being done “the right way” so that they last and do not just look pretty only in the very short run, especially in areas that are hidden from immediate view, such as bed quality and irrigation. Further, your team showed up on time, worked diligently, and communicated well throughout the duration of each project. 
In the end, I am happy to report that all three projects turned out wonderfully. 
I plan to employ your services again on future projects and I will highly recommend Woodlands Landscaping to others. If you or any of your prospective clients would like to contact me regarding my experiences with Woodlands Landscaping, please feel free to contact me directly. 
Thank you!
Lyle C Russell
Commonplace Realty

To Whom It May Concern: Woodlands Landscaping has been my primary yard service since 1999. Sara Manore oversees her work face in an organized manner as well as adding her own creative designs.
Joyce Fowler
The Woodlands, TX
November 8, 2008

Dear Sara: We are very happy with the finished look of our new landscaping-both in the front and back yards. With you experience and creativity, you were able to convert the existing landscaping in the front yard to an entirely new look, one with more color and more curb appeal. The rock retaining wall adds so much to the entire look
We are also very pleased with the back yard landscaping. Your landscaping and irrigation crews worked diligently and completed the job in only two days! The rock bed under the drip line of the arbor is perfect-Hurricane Ike tested that one! It really adds a lot to our new patio. Once again, thank you!
Sally Prica
The Woodlands, TX
October 18, 2008

Dear Sara: I want to tell you how satisfied I am with my “new” back yard. The design, plants and rock work are beautiful, and as I requested, the yard will require minimum maintenance. The drainage and the re-placement of the sprinklers are excellent. 
Thank you for a job well done and I especially appreciate your attention to detail. I would recommend your company to everyone who wants a beautiful yard.
Margaret Roberts
The Woodlands, TX
May 23, 2008

To Whom It May Concern: We would like to express our satisfaction with the result of our collaboration on the entrance to The Woodlands High School. When we contracted you in July, 2007 with our desire to give the building a more welcoming appearance, we were not sure of the result. 
We have had nothing but positive reaction from visitors, parents and students to the new landscaping that has been installed. It was a pleasure to work with everyone involved in making this a reality. The entrance to The Woodlands High School campus is greatly improved, and we would be happy to recommend your company to other schools or businesses in the area. Thank you for the professional and expedite manner in which this job was completed.
Gregg Colschen
The Woodlands, TX
May 20, 2008

Dear Ms. Manore: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work your crews did on the landscaping of the Village of Grogan’s Mill sign. Their attention to detail and exemplary work ethic has produced an attractive area that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. We pride ourselves in providing amenities that give a sense of pride and ownership to the residents, and you have certainly added to that feeling. What was once a drab, open area is now a site that adds impact and a sense of homecoming to anyone entering The Woodlands. Thank you again for your help. I have added you and your company to our prime bidders list and I will be calling you in the future when I have need of your services.
Best regards,
Jon Krenzyzky
The Woodlands, TX
April 10, 2008

Dear Sara and Mickey: Just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank you for a job well done on the irrigation system installation. We fired it off Monday and it works great. The coverage is outstanding, not one missed spot. Your guys were great, and the professionalism your crew displayed is to be commended. I would like to point out your foreman Geronimo. He took the time to explain the entire system and answer all of my off the wall questions. Sara, it will be my pleasure to recommend your company to anyone that wants a sprinkler system. Once again thank you for the great job. It was nice to work with such true professionals.
Thank you,
Rebecca Sorrell
The Woodlands, TX
March 26, 2008

Dear Mickey: Once again I want to thank you for the outstanding job done recently on my back yard drainage problem. Neighbors one and two doors down from me had theirs done by you also. The system is all tied together and the water flows perfectly for all of us. 
Five years ago you installed an irrigation system at the same address and I must say that I never had a problem, and the unit is working as well today as the first week. This type of work is most appreciated and I want you to know I recommend your company whenever I have the chance. Thank you- well done...
Warmest regards,
Irl R Walker Jr.
The Woodlands, TX
March 28, 2007

Dear Mickey and Sara: We want to commend you and your staff on a job well done. We are completely satisfied with our sprinkler system. Any interaction with your company was always pleasant and professional, something we very much appreciate. Our lawn looks great, and we are continuing to follow your helpful watering guidelines. We truly are enjoying the system. Your company is highly recommended by us.
Michael & Amy Lewis
The Woodlands, TX
August 31, 2006

Dear Mickey: It is a pleasure to have had your company service my landscaping needs. You and your crew are knowledgeable professionals who demonstrated a real concern and attention to my needs. The result of your expertise has created a yard far beyond my dreams. 
The plants accented by the artistically placed boulders, brings a symmetry and harmony to the front yard. I’m also very appreciative of the lovely business in the side yard since it accents the walkway so nicely. I would also like to give a particular acknowledgement to your lead crewmember whose skill and attention to detail contributed to such an outstanding irrigation system. Many of my neighbors and friends continue to compliment me for such a magnificent yard. 
Please know that I remain very grateful and satisfied with your service and will recommend you to others.
Mary Holloway
The Woodlands, TX
July 1, 2006

Dear Sara: I want to thank you and all your staff for creating such beautiful landscaping for me. The moss rock beds that Herrado designed and built are amazing. I liked the way you and I worked together selecting plants. You always were ready to listen to my suggestions. I really appreciate that you searched out a banana shrub for me and went out of your way to get it. The finished plantings set off my house beautifully. Neighbors come by just to tell me how lovely it is. 
I was so impressed with the professional way the crew worked all during the installation and how they cleaned up every day and even raked areas they had not been working in. I truly respect their pride in a job well done and their expertise in doing it. The irrigation system is a marvel, and your crew replaced sod in such a way that the lawn does not have that torn up look so often seen after such extensive work. Your work exceeded my expectations, and I was expecting a lot.
Thank you,
Margaret Moorehead
The Woodlands, TX
July 25, 2005

Dear Sara: Thank you for continuing the excellent service your company did on installing our irrigation system on our new home. As you know 6 years ago Pegasus installed an irrigation system at our home in Spring. We were so impressed from start to finish. So when we moved into our new home it was comforting to know we could call Pegasus to install the irrigation system for all the brand new landscape and sod the builder just installed. The installation crew was true professionals. When the job was finished, you couldn’t even tell that an irrigation system had just been installed. Everything was cleaned, the driveway and patios. It came out GREAT. Thank you to all the men who worked so hard in the extreme July heat. Thank you again Sara, it was such a pleasure working with you. You and your wonderful staff make it so easy to ask questions and learn how to operate the system. You are true professionals. It is with great pleasure that we highly recommend Pegasus Irrigation Systems, Inc. where you get high quality at very fair pricing, and a company that stands behind its work. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any future clients. Thank you Sara and staff for another WONDERFUL job.
Sincerely yours,
Ernie & Samantha Dubiel
The Woodlands, TX
July 10, 2005

Dear Sara: Stephen and I would like to commend you on a job well done. I knew after my first meeting with you, I needn’t look any further. You are truly an artist with your landscaping designs, every plant and flower seemed to complement each other with form and color. Neighbors and friends are full of compliments on what a wonderful job you and Woodlands Landscaping team accomplished. Our hats off to you, and we highly recommend Woodlands Landscaping.
Kathy & Stephen Roemer
The Woodlands, TX
May 28, 2005

Dear Sara: thanks to you and your staff for the excellent design and installation of our refurbished landscaping and drainage. You did everything you promised and then some more. Your employees were most courteous, considerate, and capable. Best of all, they did an excellent clean-up job each day after they finished their day’s work. Their clean-up efforts were, by far, the best we have ever experienced by contractors. Please feel free to have any of your prospective customers/clients contact me. I highly recommend Woodlands Landscaping.
Jim Bird
The Woodlands, TX
March 31, 2005

Dear Sara: Just wanted to drop you a note to say “Thanks” again for the great job your guys did at my house installing the drainage system. I wasn’t expecting the “ascetics” that the guys accomplished with the stone around the house. NICE TOUCH!! 
I usually do not recommend companies to people I do not know, but after the great job you did, if I can ever be used as a reference for you, just let me know. Thanks again!
Gary Mosley
Houston, TX
January 28, 2005

Dear Sara: Over the past fifteen years of living in the Woodlands, I have worked with many landscaping companies, but my recent experience with you and your company has been the most pleasurable of all. When we first met, I explained that I needed help taking control of the extensive planting areas in the yard. I also needed expert assistance in redesigning beds and walkways, reworking the irrigation systems, correcting drainage problems and taking care of the routine maintenance. 
This was a very large project and you and your teams performed flawlessly. My husband and I are very pleased with the results and never tired of hearing the compliments on our yard from our friends and neighbors. You listened to what I wanted and provided recommendations that were right on the mark. Your planning and execution was most professional, and I would be pleased to recommend Woodlands Landscaping Maintenance, & Pegasus Irrigation to any of your potential customers. Please feel free to use me as a reference and use our yard as an example of your work. Once again, Sara, thank you for a job well done.
Kathy Creel
The Woodlands, TX
December 21, 2004

Dear Sara: I am certainly glad that we do not have to drag those heavy lawn hoses around anymore. I am also pleased that we made the decision to go with Pegasus Irrigation for the installation of our sprinkler system. What a good crew you have. They were professional in every way. Respect for the property was shown and the competence to do it right. You may use the Williams’ as a reference anytime. Again thank you.
Dan & Nancy Williams
The Woodlands, TX
November 1, 2004

To Whom It May Concern: It is not often that you can be truly surprised in a positive way when contracting for services or a product. We have been using Woodlands Landscaping and Pegasus Irrigation for twenty (20) plus years and have never found anything lacking in their approach to the customer. We have found their services to be fair, honest, diligent and timely. With the addition of Sara Manore to the business, it’s more like dealing with an old friend. She will make every effort to insure that the job you requested meets your expectations to the fullest. Their employees are extremely courteous and knowledgeable and also make every effort to please. Any visual or verbal confirmation may be had by calling us.
Leo & Betty Torzewski
Shenandoah, TX
September 18, 2004

Dear Pegasus: I have a very complicated yard with many flower beds, flower tubs, and tree roots. In fact, I was doubting whether or not it would be possible to install a sprinkler system, but much to my delight ( though I must admit I was nervous at times-just ask the women in the office), the workmen did an amazing job digging in hard dirt and not damaging even a single plant. It all came together and works like a charm. Thank you so much.
Katherine Casbeer
The Woodlands, TX
August 24, 2004

Dear Sara: Now that we have our Pegasus sprinkler system, we are now questioning why we did not get a sprinkler system years ago. It is worth every penny. It is like a microwave oven once you get one; you wonder how you ever lived without one. We are particularly impressed with the quality of work performed. We had no leaks, our plants were not damaged, our yard was returned to normal condition, our driveway and patios were cleaned, and the installation was completed in only one day. The system works flawlessly, and we are grateful and pleased with the service provided by Pegasus. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we write this letter of recommendation. Please feel free to share it with other potential customers.
Sarah & Paul James
Oak Ridge North, TX
April 8, 2004

Dear Mickey: After interviewing various irrigation companies in the north Houston and Woodlands area, I chose Pegasus Irrigation to install my irrigation system for your experience, attention to detail, and your willingness to spend time with me and answer all my questions. The system was just was just as you had promised: 100% coverage, quality equipment and easy to operate controller. 
The men that installed the irrigation system were experienced men that did minimal disruption to the yard and did not hesitate to answer my questions. After it was installed, there was no debris left in the yard. They did an excellent job. Anytime I called the office with a question, they were always very helpful; therefore I would recommend that anyone needing an irrigation system used Pegasus Irrigation. They are a professional company. Thanks again for a job well done!
Joel Gilmore
The Woodlands, TX
February 14, 2004

Dear Sara: Just a short note to let you know how pleased we are with the recent landscaping project your company did for us. Your recommendations and attention to detail made for a very satisfying experience. The cooperation of your workers was outstanding. The yard has taken on a whole new appearance. We have already received a number of favorable comments. Thanks again for the wonderful job you and your workers did.
Pat & Adrienne Delamater
The Woodlands, TX

To Whom It May Concern: Thank you all for your help! After all that heavy rain during the winter, we discovered a serious drainage problem in two areas of our yard. We called Pegasus to the rescue. Why them, because we were very satisfied with their service in 1996, after completion of our home here in Imperial Oaks. Pegasus laid out the irrigation systems, and their team landscaped the somewhat wild and torn up backyard. Everything turned out great!!! 
So this time, March 14, 2003, Mr. Mickey Manore came over to survey the situation and how the problem could be solved. We agreed to the process and accepted the proposal. On March 27, 2003, his team came to perform the task. They worked very hard to install the drainage systems in both parts of our property. They did a great job, but to find out if the project really was successful, we had to wait for rain. There was no rain in weeks, until this Easter Sunday April 20. It poured down rain and all drainage systems worked.
Thank you all,
Lindy & Annie-Marie Melton
Spring, TX
April 22, 2003

Thanks for the beautiful work you did on our flower bed, adjoining the patio. The drainage had been greatly improved with the addition of rock and rising of the flower bed. Everybody that sees the landscaping likes it. I wish you the best of luck to your business.
Jean Kemp
The Woodlands, TX
March 27, 2003

It has almost been six months since our irrigation system was installed at our home, and to date we have not had a single problem with the system or the areas that it irrigates. Additionally, the service that you and your crew provided is in a class by itself. We did contact several suppliers for this job, but none could match your level of professionalism and service by a large margin. We are completely satisfied with the system’s performance and convenience, and will continue to recommend your company to all our friends.
Georg & Maria Lauprecht
The Woodlands, TX
October 9, 2002

Dear Mickey: Just because I have not written the note of thanks, I do think of the job that you and your team did on my lawn sprinkler system, every time it comes on. The day that the installation team arrived, it was hard, hot work and they were relentless in their duties. When it came to teaching me about the workings of the system, I probably asked a lot of questions, and you answered them all. This is the first sprinkler system I have ever had, and with the experience I had with Pegasus, makes me a believer.  
Thanks so much,
Houston, TX
October 8, 2002

I have been in my new house 2 and ½ months, and thought it was time I wrote to you concerning my yard. I LOVE IT! It is hard to believe that you and I worked it out with you in the Woodlands and me in Hong Kong! Your ideas by email, suggestion of a basic gardening book, drawing by fax, and prompt willingness to make suggestion sand respond creatively to my ideas and budget. We are all appreciative. You were so easy to work with, and the people who did the work did a fantastic job. 
I love my yard with its trees, shrubs, flowers, ground cover, and little herb garden. I love to sit on the wonderful deck and enjoy the butterfly bush that humming birds and butterflies visit. I love the river birch, weeping mulberry and magnolia trees. The pathways and rocks blend into the overall design so well and are so graceful in their design. If you ever want any prospective client to view my yard, I would be delighted. Thanks so much for helping to make my return to the U.S. a pleasurable experience and my home a welcome sight and place to be.
Kind regards, 
Mary Hoff
The Woodlands, TX
September 24, 2002

Dear Mickey: We are writing to thank you for the amazing drainage system you installed for us in September 2002. We have seen the drainage through several heavy rains by now and are more than amazed what a wonderful difference it made-no standing water even in a long, heavy rain! 
We want to thank and congratulate your company on grasping the correct solution and installing it so that other than the drains, it looks as if no one was ever there. Your installation was much more economical than the company with the incorrect solution. Thank you again for such an excellent and prompt job.
Karen Stevens
The Woodlands, TX
September 2002

Dear Mickey: Thanks for a great job. The sprinkler system surpasses my expectations with respect to quality and performance. All of the Pegasus personnel were very helpful and competent. It was a pleasure working with your company. Thanks again.
Jim Clark
The Woodlands, TX
July 23, 2002

To Whom It May Concern: I am delighted with our new sprinkler system. You folks did an excellent job and I know it wasn’t easy with our older landscape, and all the big tree roots in the way. We should have done this years ago. It is wonderful. I do recommend Pegasus for your outstanding work, your professional attitude, and your economical prices.
Holly King
Shenandoah, TX
June 29, 2002

Dear Mickey: We are extremely grateful for the irrigation system in which you installed for the church July of 2001. It has been so much easier to maintain the landscape around the church and the most wonderful news is that we have not lost another tree since the installation! 
You were a miracle working when it came to handling the crew and outlining the system and so helpful in explaining all the paper work involved. Again, thanks for such a job well done!
Best regards, Dorenne Solomon Houston, TX May 15, 2002

We are so pleased with the landscaping and paintings you did recently for us. We appreciate the fact that you supplied us with excellent plants all of which are still thriving. Because you stand behind your services and are quick to respond if we have questions or complaints, we realize your company really cares about its customers. If you ever need a recommendation, please contact us. Again, thank you for your excellent work.
Very truly yours,
Sam & Lois Carpenter
The Woodlands, TX
May 9, 2002

To Whom It May Concern: I feel that I must share my story relating to my experience with Woodlands Landscaping and Pegasus Irrigation. A newcomer to Texas, and on my own, I purchased a town home with a tiny back yard containing nothing but grass and an ugly green electrical box. 
Calling for people to come evaluate and give me estimates on landscaping and a sprinkler system, proved interesting since some felt the job was too small. 
Mickey gave me knowledgeable suggestions and a printed computer layout to “see” what could be done. He and his staff handled challenges like the green box and a drainage issue beautifully. They functioned in a very professional manner, patiently answering many questions on the sprinkler system to Manuel who, on his own time, came with extra flagstones to make me an extra path. They started the job when they said they would, and completed it in the same manner. Now I have a lovely little hideaway with a flagstone patio, walkway, and beautiful landscaping. Thank you everyone!
Sandy Hill
The Woodlands, TX
April 18, 2002

To Pegasus Irrigation: Thank you so much for the great job you did installing my sprinkler system. It was both timely and expertly done. My yard looked great after the job was done. You all worked so hard getting the permit approved even though we did not get the proper plat design nor did we tell him about the scheduled meeting for the approval of permits. 
We chose your company because of the systems installed in our neighborhood. Everyone had only positive comments to make. We also appreciated the reference letters that were included with the contract present to us.
Thank you,
Don & Doris Leabo
Panorama Village, TX
April 2, 2002

To The Good People Of The Woodlands Landscaping: I am very pleased with the work that your organization completed at the Spring Creek Horse Farm. You have exceeded my expectations in both cost and time of completion. It has been a pleasure working with you.
Dr. Roger Cadwalder
Tomball, TX

We wanted to express our appreciation for the prompt attention given to installing the landscaping at our daughter’s new home in spring. As always, we are very satisfied with your services and continue to hold great regard for Mickey Manore and his staff. We have always held great confidence in his work and will continue to highly recommend his services to others. 
Our congratulations for over 18 years in the landscaping business, and we wish you continued success in serving the community for many years to come. Thank you again for your assistance, we remain.
Sincerely yours,
Cheryl & Dick Goodwin
The Woodlands, TX
November 21, 2001

Dear Mickey: Just wanted to fax a note to you to thank you for the irrigation system you all installed recently. The freedom and proficiency of this system is amazing. Over the past weekend it rained quite a bit, and on Monday morning when the system was supposed to come on, it did not, since it recognized the rain of the weekend. 
We are very pleased. I can see water cost savings, not to mention the conservation of water this system provides. Thanks again.
Ed & Pat Ziemer
Spring, TX
July 31, 2001

Dear Pegasus: We just want to let you know how pleased we are with the sprinkler system your company installed at our new home. We thoroughly enjoy the ease and convenience of our fully automated sprinkler system. Additionally, the level of professionalism and service displayed by your company, exceeded expectations. It is for these reasons that we have already recommended Pegasus Irrigation to friends of ours, and will continue to do so. Thank you again for a job well done.
Andrew & Dawn Hendricks
The Woodlands, TX
July 30, 2001

Dear Mr. Manore: We just want you to know how pleased we are with your company and the work which you did for us in May of this year. The irrigation system you installed, and the drain which you installed to carry excess drainage from our back yard, work quite well. The drainage system was put to the test within days after your work was completed. That was the wonderful rainfall we experienced within two days after your system was installed. We had no problem with water buildup in our back yard. Needless to say, we are pleased. We also would like to let you know how impressed we were with the presentation before our selection of companies was complete. You were the only one who came in and sat down with us and went over every aspect of the work. Your presentation instilled confidence in us before the work was begun. 
Thank you again for a job well done. We highly recommend your company to any interested customer.
Gayle Wilke
Spring, TX
June 1, 2000

Dear Mickey: It has been 60 days since the installation of our irrigation system and the completion of our landscaping. Bonnie and I are very satisfied with all aspects of your companies work. We are especially impressed with the professionalism that Woodlands Landscaping expresses in going about their business. Both jobs were started on time and completed when promised. We are very happy with the results. 
We definitely see the advantage of having the irrigation and landscaping contracted at the same time. Your company excels in coordinating the complete job. We see that this enhanced our results.
Dick & Bonnie Powell
The Woodlands, TX
May 20, 2001

This letter is to express our satisfaction with the sprinkler system installed in April. The crew was very professional, courteous, and willing to answer any questions we had. We are delighted with our system and will recommend Pegasus to all our friends. We appreciate the follow up visit to make sure everything was working properly.
Jim & Helen Okonski
Oak Ridge North, TX May 5, 2000

Dear Pegasus Irrigation Systems: I had my first sprinkler system put in today and what a job your crew did. Solomon and the rest of their crew were true professionals in their work and attitude. I have lived in my house for about three years and have a lot of landscaping, rock work, and a swimming pool that they needed to work around, and they did a fabulous job. In fact, you could barely tell they had even been in my yard after they left. You began this experience by a very professional and knowledgeable sales call that convinced me to go with your company, and as I said, continued right through this job. 
Thank you again for your efforts and please be sure to pass this on to Solomon and the rest of the guys.
Best regards,
Tom Cribbs
The Woodlands, TX
April 10, 2000

We wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You. We have had many compliments on how wonderful our yard looks after the excellent job your crew did on the landscaping. I have been enjoying sitting by the table, drinking my tea, reading my book and looking at the birds on the flagstone patio. 
A few days back when we had all the rain, I looked out my kitchen window and the back windows, and the rock riverbeds that you built for us looked just like little brooks taking all the excess water off to the front drains. It was not only beautiful, but very functional. 
We anticipate spending many enjoyable times in the backyard. The landscaping in the front also looks so much better than it did, and the store path is heavily used to access the side gate. Again, thanks for a wonderful job, and especially thanks to your crew. They were great.
Sincerely yours,
Cherry & Max Bruysschaard
Conroe, TX
February 6, 2000

We have been telling everyone about the really good job you have done without landscaping. Our enjoyment started the minute it was completed. Thank you for giving us such an imaginative yard to look at and be out in. I’m still looking for the right swing.
Joe & Rosemary Nachman
The Woodlands, TX
February 2, 2000

Thank you for the GREAT landscape design you did for our residence. The landscape workers executed your drawings to perfection and made our backyard into a mini park. Both Maggie and I look forward to spending many hours of enjoyment and relaxation in our own private retreat. 
We have enclosed some before and after photos. You may use them when making presentations to prospective clients. You may also show the color layout you did of our property. 
Your landscape crews are true professionals. We were amazed at their experience and the pride each one takes in doing their job. We proudly endorse Woodlands Landscaping and recommend your services. You all perform “Magic.” 
Maggie & Ray Hildebrand
Conroe, TX
January 27, 2000

We are writing this letter to express our satisfaction with the installation of our irrigation system and the landscaping done at our home. Both jobs were performed and completed in a professional manner. We really appreciated the follow up visits to make sure we were satisfied and that all was working properly. Please feel free to use us as a reference for future customers.
Larry & Pat Christie
Magnolia, TX
January 23, 2000

I want to thank you for the landscaping you installed at our new home. We are very pleased with everything. We were shown the designs and told what each would cost and how long each would take. After making our selection, the work was done as promised, for the cost stated and in less time than we thought. We will look forward to doing some other work in the spring. Your professionalism is too seldom found in today’s business world.
Ralph & Robin Lewis
The Woodlands, TX
December 16, 1999

We would like to thank Woodlands Landscaping for doing a superb job with our yard. It is the talk of the neighborhood! What we like best is that you followed our basic ideas and really made them work. We have recommended you to many of our neighbors, some of which already have selected you as their landscaper. We would not hesitate to recommend Woodlands Landscaping to anyone.
Wallace G. Dow
The Woodlands, TX
October 28, 1999

Dear Woodlands Landscaping: please tell the crew that does our yard regularly that we are very pleased with the way they maintain it. My husband spoke with the lead man a few months ago about how he wanted it edged deeply and distinctly, and he has been faithful ever since to do it that way. They are also careful not to rake the beds (and drag out the mulch) but do the best they can by cleaning out the debris and pine needles with their hands. We appreciate it. Thank you.
Mrs. Cottrell
October 1999

Dear Mickey: As you are aware, I spent many weeks meeting with and interviewing various irrigation companies in the north Houston and Woodlands area. I chose your company after this exhausting process for several reasons. Your professionalism, experience, attention to detail, and willingness to answer my many questions set you apart from your peers in the industry. 
Being both curious and a perfectionist, I took a day of vacation to personality supervise the installation of the sprinkler system. The experience of your crew was vividly evident. They installed a system that provided everything you had promised; 100% coverage, top of the line equipment, minimal disruption to the landscape, and ease to operate. 
I have shown my new sprinkler system to several of my curious friends and neighbors. I look forward to enjoying this summer without worrying about losing my lawn and foliage to the heat. It is without hesitation and with a great deal of enthusiasm that I recommend Pegasus Irrigation to anyone desiring a quality, competitively priced home irrigation system.
Keith R. Sawyer
The Woodlands, TX
April 22, 1999

To Whom It May Concern: Woodlands Landscaping recently landscaped my back area after the installation of a new pool. The work was completed ahead of schedule at the agreed price. We are very satisfied with the results and plan to use their services again in the future.
J.B. Cox
March 15, 1999

To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that we again recommend Woodlands Landscaping for the superb job done on our landscape lighting. With a minimum of fixtures and a maximum of imagination and artistry, Woodlands Landscaping created an enchanting nightscape. They used only top quality components and allowed us to choose the fixtures we preferred, while advising us on effects produced. As always, their workmen were careful and courteous. We would be delighted to show the results to any prospective client.
Dale & Yvonne Stokes
The Woodlands, TX
February 12, 1999

To Whom It May Concern: We contracted with Woodlands Landscaping to design and install the backyard landscaping at our home in the Woodlands. I am writing this letter to indicate our complete satisfaction with the work done and the attitude of the people at Woodlands Landscaping. Woodlands Landscaping coordinated the landscape work with our pool contractor and completed their work on schedule and on budget. 
Woodlands Landscaping was professional and diligent in making sure we were satisfied with the completed job.
Greg Westfall
The Woodlands, TX
July 27, 1998

Dear Mickey: Just a note to let you know how please I am with the sprinkler system your company installed at my home. From the beginning, your office has responded with courtesy and in a professional manner. The sprinkler system was installed on time and in the manner agreed upon. The installation went very smoothly. I am enjoying the ease and convenience of the new system, and I would not hesitate to recommend you or your company. Thanks again for a job well done!
Carol Tusing
Spring, TX
June 23, 1998

We just wanted to say how pleased we are with the quality of work performed by both your companies. As “new” residents to the Woodlands, the selection of a sprinkler and landscaping contractor was challenging due to the unknown. The courtesy and time extended to my wife and me in this process more than met our expectations and made the selection process a “no brainer.” 
Additionally, the follow-up and attention to detail was deeply appreciated. Please feel free to use us as a reference to potential customers for sprinkler and/or landscaping services. Thank you again for everything. It was a pleasure dealing with a company that understands the word “professional.”
June & Ronnie Bartels
The Woodlands, TX
June 18, 1998

To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for the excellent service you provided for our sprinkler system. Your technician was knowledgeable and efficient, the pricing was fair, and you did a decent job of informing us of your schedule. We have tried other places, but found you to be the best yet. Thank you for a job well done!
Marsha Williams
The Woodlands, TX
June 15, 1998

To Whom It May Concern: Our family had a Pegasus irrigation system installed last spring and have been very pleased with it. After Michael Manore and his people installed the system, there was no debris left in our yard. They did a very neat job and cleaned up after themselves completely. The sprinkler does an excellent job of covering our lawn and doesn’t leave any dry spots. 
Anytime I have had to call the company with questions, they have always been very helpful and supportive, therefore, I would recommend that anyone needing an irrigation system, use Pegasus. They are a very professional organization.
Marilyn Presgrove
The Woodlands, TX
January 2, 1998


To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter to recommend Woodlands Landscaping for your landscaping projects. I have been associated with Woodlands Landscaping for four years now, and they have always been responsive to our landscaping requests, and competitive in their pricing. They tell you when they will show up to do the work and are always prompt in doing so. 
Woodlands Landscaping also maintains my yard and I have an equally good recommendation for them in this respect as well. They always show up to do the lawn maintenance and do a very good job each and every week.
Greg Westfall
The Woodlands, TX

Dear Mickey: Thank you for your help with our sprinkler system. Your company consistently provides excellent service, and I appreciate it. As you requested, I am enclosing my new business card. Let me know if I can do anything for you.
Very truly yours,
Jeffrey B. Wallace
Houston, TX
December 4, 1997

Dear Michael: I would be happy to recommend Pegasus Irrigation. Your personnel were efficient, courteous, and professional.  
Best Regards,
Bill Maddox
The Woodlands, TX
June 2, 1997

Dear Mr. Manore: You installed my irrigation system several years ago, and I have nothing but praise for your work. I recently had one of your employees come back to do a routine check, and he was knowledgeable, polite, and businesslike. My daughter had a sprinkling system installed several years ago by another company. She has had nothing but trouble!! You will be hearing from her in the new year in order for you to correct all the mistakes the other company impounded. 
I sincerely hope you will be servicing our community from here on out. I would hate to think I would be left to the mercy of some of these so-called experts.
Cynthia Lowry
The Woodlands, TX
November 11, 1996

To Whom It May Concern: I would like to compliment your representative who recently worked on my sprinkler system. He was genuinely interested in finding and resolving my problems. I would be happy to give a recommendation for your company if one is ever needed.
Jan Null
The Woodlands, TX
October 29, 1996

Dear Sir: Thank you for your good work in serving your customers. I have appreciated your promptness to respond to my calls for repair. I would highly recommend your service to anyone interested. I have used your services since 1991 and found your workers to be fast, efficient, and knowledgeable.
Thank you.
Helen W. English
Houston, TX
September 7, 1996

Dear Michael Manore: We are very pleased with our new irrigation system. It has exceeded all our irrigation needs. Your staff was helpful, professional, and completed the installation on time as promised. 
We have received several estimates from other local irrigation companies over the past year, none of which made us feel comfortable enough to buy. Your knowledge and the time you spent explaining and designing our new system made us feel secure with our decision to buy. I would gladly recommend Pegasus to a friend or neighbor.
Rocky Haney
The Woodlands, TX
August 26, 1996

Dear Mr. Manore: I apologize for taking so long to write you a letter of recommendation. But because it has been so long, it probably is a better letter since I have had time to understand the system and see how well in fact it does work. The system works as advertised, to date I have had no problems at all. This dry summer would be an excellent test for any system and we seem to have no dry areas at all.  
Your system design was excellent and you came when you said you would come. You also finished when you said you would finish and your price was very competitive. I would not hesitate to recommend your company.
Robert & Allyson Mcleod
Spring, TX
July 16, 1996

Pegasus Staff: We recently had an irrigation system installed by your company and we would like to provide some feedback on the experience. From the initial estimate to the final follow-up visit, the service was very professional. The price was fair, the job was started and completed when promised, and the installation crew left little evidence that they were there and last but not least the system is operating very well. 
This letter is to thank you for the courteous and professional service you provided and to pass on to you a very deserved “job well done.”
Sincerely yours,
Stan Hershfeldt
Spring, TX
June 24, 1996

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter on behalf of Michael Manore, owner of Pegasus Irrigation. Pegasus Irrigation is a contractor who services the watering system for our commercial office building at Grogan’s Park Three. Pegasus Irrigation has delivered excellent service on time, and at a reasonable price. I can recommend Michael and his crew for repairs and installation of lawn watering systems.
Kip W. Saunders, D.D.S., M.S.
Spring, TX
January 31, 1996

Dear Pegasus Irrigation Co: We are delighted with our watering system, a very complete job. Of course when things are good you tell others and we are happy to report our neighbor. Bill Morgan liked what we have and after our show and tell he asked for your phone number, and just last week he got his installed. About the yard work he is using with you, Bill lets everyone know it is the very best that can be had. We learned about you from Mr. Yetter. Thank you. We are very pleased.
Buddy & Dane Clark
Conroe, TX

To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that we recommend Woodlands Landscaping for the outstanding job they did in design and installation of our rear and side landscaping. We obtained proposals from three companies, all of which had been endorsed by acquaintances. 
Woodlands Landscaping produced a beautiful, artistic design that incorporated everything we requested. The plan showed that Woodlands Landscaping had really listened to our ideas and preferences. Their price was very competitive-even reasonable compared to one company. The work was started when scheduled and completed in a timely and professional manner. The crew was well trained, careful, net, courteous and eager to please. (In fact, we wish they also did painting, plumbing and general handyman jobs!) 
We also contracted Pegasus Irrigation, who work with Woodlands Landscaping, to do the sprinkler system in the newly landscaped areas. Pegasus coordinated their work with Woodlands so that things were done in the most efficient manner. They also identified and corrected some problems with our original sprinkler system. 
We are very happy with our new landscaping, and would be pleased to show it to any prospective clients. Thanks to Woodlands Landscaping and their excellent crew, it is a delight to look out our windows now!
Dale & Yvonne Stokes

To Whom It May Concern: In the late summer of 1994, we contracted with Woodlands Landscaping to provide a plan for redoing the front and north side of our yard. We were provided with a complete layout of how the yard would look upon completion and with various options to choose from. We found their prices to be competitive and we subsequently signed a contract.  
We have been greatly pleased with the result and the work was handled in a quick professional manner. We thought the yard looked beautiful and others must have also as for the first time in 22-years we won “Yard of the Month.” We whole heartily recommend Woodlands Landscaping for all your landscaping needs.
Betty & Leo Torzewski
Shenandoah, TX
September 27, 1995

Having lived in our home in The Woodlands for eleven years, we have watched several businesses, both large and small, come and go in the area. The ones that have survived have done so because of their good work ethics and their enthusiasm and pride in their work. Your company, Pegasus Irrigation, is one of those to succeed and you are to be commended! 
Irrigation systems often choose to be uncooperative during the most inconvenient times and you have always made a great effort to service us on a very timely basis. We have been very pleased with your services and your neatness, both during and upon completion of the job. 
Thanks for being there when we have needed you! We highly recommend you to other prospective customers.
William & Sue Mullaney
The Woodlands, TX
July 14, 1995